Dell Andy Lark Bashes the iPad
Thursday, 07 April 2011
We all know that the iPad is somewhat superior in the tablet market, whereby Steve Jobs managed to create such a huge hype over the iPad, which makes the device as one of the best selling tablets of the 21st century. Nevertheless, although the iPad looks perfect, it does come with serious flaws.

For example, Andy Lark from Dell pointed out that the iPad costs a bomb when fully accessorized, as the barebone unit lacks USB ports, SD card slot, keyboard, and it also has an uncanny reliance on iTunes too. In fact, Andy further mentioned that the iPad wouldn’t stand a chance in the enterprise market, as the device lacks feasibility, diversity, and it wouldn’t even stand in a chance in the connected enterprise market. Perhaps Dell has something better than the iPad?

Dell Andy Lark Bashes the iPad

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